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"Safe and Sound" & Grandma’s Secret New Years Rice Cakes

A few years ago, I was hashing some ideas with my mother about recipes for this blog, particularly in the Chinese New Year vein. There’s a variety of rice cakes to be had, fish dishes, a few good luck noodles, and a seemingly endless assortment of small sweets. But, there was one dish I had never heard of, or had of, that my mother sprung on me during this discussion: sweet seaweed and sesame flecked rice cakes, an apparent speciality of my maternal grandmother but one that I had never had a chance to have. My mother waxed fondly of the dish, a taste from decades past; why my grandmother stopped making it is a mystery to both of us, but it tugged tightly on my heart as my thoughts wandered toward memories of my grandmother. I knew I had to at least try making this sweet once.

In the spirit of Chinese New Year and our constant attempts to begin another year with a fresh, spirited, adventurous and improved step, I present my spin on my grandmother’s spin on a New Years tradition: rice cakes, for good luck.

- nian gao
- water
- black sugar
- ao nori seaweed flakes
- roasted black sesame

If you can, use a fresh package of nian gao that hasn’t been frozen. Pour into a serving bowl and add about a teaspoon of water. Heat a steamer on medium-low, and when ready steam the nian gao for about 10 minutes.

In a separate bowl, create the topping: crush black sugar, lightly toast the roasted black sesame. Mix together, and combine with the ao nori seaweed flakes. 

Dust the topping over just cooked nian gao and serve immediately!

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Monday, February 11th 2013